Saturday, December 24, 2005

Happy New Year. Here's What's Coming in 2006

2006 promises to be a boom year for communications technology. The many inventions of last year are rapidly maturing and evolving. As Bill Gates touted earlier this week, "2006 is going to be a big year for the digital lifestyle."

Some things to keep a close eye on this year include:

RSS - will morph into the most powerful communications change since email and the web browser.

Content management - thanks to blog software it's now possible for just about anyone to quickly and easily create, edit and post content without any technical training or skill.

SharePoint - Microsoft is seeding the market with this application - it looks like a portal but in reality is the most powerful collaboration suite since the invention of Lotus Notes. Did you know most users within a SharePoint 'intranet' can create their own website with just a few clicks of the mouse? Did you know they can upload documents, post content, all without any technical training? Very useful, but potentially chaotic without proper guidelines.

Knowledge Management - a 'dirty' word that meant more concept than reality for the past few years will really come into it's own, thanks to the above 3 items. By making it really simple for people to create content online, and really simple to get notified when content changes via RSS, and the proliferation of "my sites" within companies running SharePoint (which, btw, is a part of Office 12), you will see far more online sharing than ever before.

Organization's need guidelines, or their employee portals will end up being as chaotic and most company's shared drives (e.g., since anyone can create a folder, and there are little guidelines on naming folders, where to put newly created folders, most shared drives have little continuity from department to department, office to office).

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